To those men who look for wife in Colombia

If you decided to get married and live with your wife in grief and joy happily ever after it is the step that deserves at least honor. When men say wants to find a good wife, he rarely means he has go to Colombia and find one there. It sounds silly and hard to imagine sometimes. But the true is many foreign men really mean to go to Colombia and find wife there. Marriage is serious step for man and woman and none of the guys or girls is getting married or creates family to have fun. If it is going about easy girls, it's not a problem to find lots of them in the whole world, but wife from abroad is something serious. It is responsibility and possible discomfort and problems as well as possible good time spending and happiness.

Colombia is huge country and every girl is unique in some way. As any other, Colombian women have different social status, moral qualities, level of intelligence and education, even color of skin and much more. Special is their behavior as differs from one girl to another. It might be not that hard to find wife in Colombia as it is in USA, but it is not that easy as you might think. Colombian girls usually are eager to marry foreigner, because they think he is rich and they would escape from their poor country to the world of pleasure and nothing to do. But remember if you have looser quality in your home country and behave in such a way, you have to try changing yourself first. Looser is not able to find women because she will never be with him. There are many reasons why like he's not reliable enough, not self-confident, maybe shy. If it's hard for you to find wife a home country, it would be hard to do in Colombia as well.

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If you are such shy quiet and unconfident guy, the thing that might happen to you is chatting online some fake-girl, usually professional Colombia translator, who gets paid for such chats from the dating agency. Then you surely visit Colombia big city like La Pas or, more likely, Bogota, and there you are going to spend great sum of money like 2 thousand dollars a week. - For what? - For communication with pretty Colombian woman via translator or sometimes without. This communication is not sincere, because women you are dating with is just working. She is not in love with you; it is her work chatting with you and spend time with you. Her task is also to take as much money from you as possible. However, work does not imply sex. It is communication, expensive gifts you present, very expensive restaurants you are to visit and at the end of week you'll fly home without a girlfriend, probably disappointed and for sure with empty wallet.

- Does it mean all Colombian women are like that? - Of course, not. You just chose wrong way to find Colombian wife. There are many online scammers whose aim is your money. There are also many sex tourists who visit Colombia, find easy girls and have rest, but that fact could not be used to generalize all the country and Colombian women in general.

If you seek Colombian wife, we would advise you to do some steps before. They will help at the beginning of your search and in the future.

To those men who look for wife in Colombia

First of all, find information about Colombia and it’s culture. Then learn some Spanish language. Colombian Spanish has its peculiarities than usual, but some knowledge of this language is important. Even with the help of vocabulary, maybe you’ll have to visit Spanish language courses, but it is better to have poor level of Spanish than complete absence of it at all. It could be the hardest part, but without it you won't get success in search of Colombian wife or will be deceived. When you already have some level of Spanish language, try to visit places where Colombian people hang out.

Talk to some Colombians who are from American Diaspora. Register at Colombian social networks and communicate to Colombian girls online. Young Colombians speak descent English and you may combine your knowledge of Spanish and their knowledge of English to chat. Then only there is possibility to find some good girl and then only visit Colombia some day. But do not let illusions rule over good sense, maybe after visit to Colombia you will come back home disappointed or just with understanding she is not the one. Think this is just tourist trip to Colombia. If you won't find wife in Colombia fast, it is good. And why it is so? Think carefully, when you are dating to the girl in your country, how quick she'd become your wife?

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So do not think just right after one flight to Colombia you will find good caring wife? Every person needs time to get to know the other person better, so it's unreal to find good wife so quickly. And even if you will, that does not mean she will be good wife and in the future you are going to have a lot of misunderstandings and arguments. If you found wife in Colombia easy, watch carefully, usually something is wrong about that. Whether it is scam or the girl has bad reputation. Get married only if you have real feelings and it doesn’t matter whether she is Colombian, Brazilian or German; all the people are equal.

  • Lance501

    I want to share my experiences and perhaps offer some advice for American men who are interested in a Colombian wife. I started by joining a group tour from one of the internet website. I spent five days in Bogota and five days in Lima on two different occasions. I met hundreds of women from both countries. However, I never pursued any particular women long term. I did communicate with several women after the tour. Then I met a woman from Lima thru the internet on my own and eventually trying to marry with her. However, the K-2 fiance visa was never approved. So I gave up and met another woman from Bogota thru the internet. She had a tourist visa and came to visit me in the U.S. we were married after one year. However, we had communication problem and eventually divorced after six months. She went back to Colombia. My Spanish was just a beginner. So I went to night school and learned more Spanish. I also practiced my Spanish with many Latina whom I dated in So. Calif. I did not want to marry with any Latina in the U.S. They had too much baggage just liked other women. Therefore I met other women thru the internet and visited them. I went to Bogota, Cali, and Cartagena. I had since married with a woman from Bogota for over 10 years. My advise for any one interested; Speak good Spanish is very important, working as a profession and be able to maintain a middle class or higher life style is critical, your Latina does not expect to help you, her role is to take care of the family in the home. She came from a poor country and she looked for financial stability. She is not materialistic but expect her to spend money to make herself look nice for you. Only American women wanted to look like a slob with ugly clothes and flip flop. Most importantly, find some one age compatible. I was 50 and my wife was 42 when I met her. I did not want to find some one much younger than me. Besides my wife had grown children and she didn’t want any more. I would have to support young children if I married some one younger. Oh, the women from Bogota seemed to be more educated and intelligent than women from other cities; Cali, Cartagena, Barranquilla, or Lima, Peru. I would stay away from Brazil (high crime, Lots of black mixed), or Venezuela (financial and political instability).

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